Line Clearance Tree Trimming

Xylem Tree Experts provides line clearance tree trimming to various municipal, co-op, and investor owned utilities throughout the south eastern United States.

Municipal and Government Services

Xylem Tree Experts provides professional arboriculture services to municipalities with the same level of customer service and quality as residential and commercial clients.  Xylem Tree Experts provides written estimates prepared by ISA certified arborist and qualified and highly trained personnel to provide various services in public areas which include...

DOT Right-of-Way
Vegetation Management

Xylem Tree Experts provides federal, state and local highway departments with cost effective vegetation management services throughout the south eastern United States. 

Brush Mowing Services

Xylem Tree Experts provides Brush mowing services throughout the south eastern United States for various solutions. 

Disaster Recovery Services

Xylem Tree Experts knows that system reliability and public relations are a serious concern to our utility and DOT customers.   Whether it is power restoration, road clearing for emergency vehicles, or recovering large properties from the havoc Mother Nature sometimes brings, Xylem Tree Experts has a proven track record of providing large numbers of qualified resources to fit any number of needs for the customer.

Residential and Commercial

Xylem Tree Experts provides full service residential and commercial tree services throughout Virginia, Kentucky, Tennessee, North & South Carolina, Georgia, Florida and the surrounding South East areas!


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