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Code of Ethics

Xylem, Inc requests that employees abide by the TCIA Arborist Pledge and the TCIA Code of Ethics in word, action, and within the spirit of integrity, which is at the core of these principles.


Xylem, Inc assumes a responsibility to the profession, society and our peers by pledging to uphold and abide by the following:


1.     Xylem, Inc has the responsibility to provide professional care of trees for current

        and future generations. We pledge to be advocates and practitioners of the

        highest arboricultural standards and practices.  


2.     Since arboriculture is an ever-changing science, Xylem, Inc pledges to educate

        our employees, our constituents, and our clients in the most current research

        and practices available to the industry.


3.     Xylem, Inc pledges to conduct our business in an honest and dignified

        manner, reflecting our adherence to the laws that govern us locally, nationally

        and internationally. We will endeavor to grow our work force through training

        and employee development.


4.     Xylem, Inc agrees that the arboriculture profession is extremely high profile in

        public perception. Xylem, Inc pledges to look and act professional so as to reflect a

        positive image for the green industry, and promote our profession.


5.     Xylem, Inc agrees that safety, training and education are of the utmost importance

        in maintaining a professional workforce. We pledge to provide for the safety and

        training of employees to ensure a healthy work environment.


6.     Xylem, Inc pledges to respect the views, ideas and contributions of our peers.

        Open and honest communications, sharing of ideas and experiences has been a

        cornerstone of TCIA membership, fostering goodwill between companies. We

        pledge to continue this tradition.


As members of TCIA, Xylem, Inc believes that active participation on committees and Boards, and serving in other areas of leadership is extremely important to keeping a healthy, diverse association.

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