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Safety Policy Statement

Safety is a core VALUE at Xylem Tree Experts. Priorities change, VALUES do not. All Xylem Tree Experts employees will comply with all applicable local, state, and federal safety, health, and environmental laws and requirements. Compliance will assure a safe and healthy work environment.


A safety and health program can effectively eliminate or control hazards faced by Xylem Tree Experts employees. As such, all Xylem Tree Experts employees will follow the standards and work rules set forth in Xylem Tree Experts’ Illness & Injury Prevention Program. Xylem Tree Experts will follow a progressive disciplinary policy and use it to enforce the safety and health program. Each operating work site will provide and maintain a safe environment for its employees and establish safe work practices that can eliminate conditions that may cause injuries or property damage.


Employee and management participation in this program is paramount to the successful completion of each job. Success is defined as a job completed without a recordable injury, loss of life or limb, or equipment. Employees and management are responsible for ensuring this success.


To accomplish this, management will assign responsibilities to the employee during indoctrination and ensure operating procedures are adhered to and that safe work practices are used at all levels. Responsibility for positive results falls on the CEO of Xylem Tree Experts. Under no circumstances will management circumvent safety or health requirements to achieve operational goals.


Xylem Tree Experts will provide employees a workplace free from recognizable safety and health hazards that can lead to occupational injury or illness. Management will not require or knowingly allow employees to work in an unsafe manner or environment.


Xylem Tree Experts will continue to strive for improvements to protect employees. To this end, we require employees to sign an Employee Acknowledgment Statement that acknowledges their understanding of this policy and what is expected of them while on the job.

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