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Company Mission: (What We Do)

Empowering every team member to safely and professionally support our customers’ mission to deliver reliable energy to the communities they serve.

Vision - Core Values - Guiding Principles

Company Vision: Our Aspirational Future

Foster an environment of personal and professional growth while leveraging technology and innovation to deliver unmatched value to our customers.

Core Values:

Trust - Transparency - Respect – Unity: guiding principles to ensure sustainable ends are achieved by ethical means

  • Trust: Act with integrity, make thoughtful choices that best meet the situation, and follow through on commitments

  • Transparency: Timely, clear, open, and honest communications

  • Respect: Maintain dignity with our words and actions

  • Unity: Working together for mutual success

Guiding Principles:

Shared standards that create complete line of sight, connectivity, and alignment throughout the organization, used for plans, goals, and evaluations.
Customer and Community Engagement

  • Inspire customer loyalty and enhance community relationships through consistent, reliable, and transparent engagements.

  • Prioritize satisfaction by listening to understand customer and community needs and concerns and aligning our expertise and capabilities to provide valued solutions and exceptional service.

  • Maintain clear and frequent communications and welcome feedback.


Operational Excellence:

  • Achieve operational goals safely and meet customer expectations.

  • Trust our teams to share responsibility.

  • Cultivate an agile culture of excellence, honesty, collaboration, and inclusion.

  • Ensure reliability, resource readiness, and rapid response by utilizing forecasts and performance metrics.

  • Prioritize operational needs and make fact-based, cost-efficient decisions.

  • Sustain our competitive advantage by being open to change.

  • Leverage emerging technology to streamline services thereby enhancing efficiency and connectivity.


Employee Success:

  • Recruit people who are excited about working within a challenging and dynamic field, who take pride in professionalism and thrive within a diverse culture of mutual accountability and shared success.

  • Champion leadership at every level by valuing every employee’s insight, initiative, and adherence to our core values and guiding principles.

  • Acknowledge individual efforts and support their vision of success.

  • Reward and retain talented individuals committed to our mission and vision.

  • Encourage professional development through continuous learning and mentoring

  • Establish career pathways and communicate opportunities throughout the organization.

Financial Strength:

  • Achieve ongoing business success through organic growth and strategic acquisition by adhering to the highest levels of integrity and business ethics and fostering an atmosphere of trust, transparency, and fiscal responsibility.

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